VDraw 5


Professional Diagram and Data Visualization Software

VDraw5 is a professional vector diagram and data visualization software. It is designed for both individuals and office use. You can professionally draw general diagram, UML diagram, SysML diagram, Database design diagram , project management diagram, BPMN diagram,flow chart, mind map, organization chart,marketing chart and network diagram. You can easily create education diagrams: math 2D, 3D geometry diagram, analytical geometry diagram, chemistry diagram and physics diagram such as mechanics diagram, engineering mechanics diagram, optics diagram, basic circuit diagram. VDraw5 supports data-driven 2D, 3D chart generation. You can import Microsoft access, excel and csv files and then generate 2D and 3D chart which enable you to visualize your data professionally. Powerful text format editing tools let you create newsletters with confidence. Versatile curve editing and effect tools let you draw with creativity. Floor plan stencils let you complete a house plan within a few minutes. Rich map and 3D directional map elements and stencils are very handy for drawing directional maps. Calendar can be created by simply drag and drop. Barcode and QR code can be generated within seconds.



VDraw 5

User reviews about VDraw

  • ecnu1004

    by ecnu1004


    excellent, great to use ,so if you want to find another one like that, I think it may be too difficult..   More.

  • changhui

    by changhui

    "that's a good software product!"

    it is a good software product,need to improve and fix.we are enjoy using it!..   More.